Who’s body would you pick if you could swap?

You know that ‘something’s up huh’ when Sam orders a banana daiquiri.

Having a teenage nerd take over Sam’s body.

Okay, the writers have done it again.

Watching Sam deal with being a teenager – priceless.

But they went too far letting him crash the Impala – NOT COOL GUYS !!

The poignant component of this episode was seeing the boys actually get along – and knowing that it wasn’t real.

Since season 4 started the strain between the boys has built, and at times boiled over. As a dedicated follower of this show, that has been hard to watch – the brothers’ relationship was (and still is) the part of the show that is the most compelling.

Still compelling, but for different reasons is the breakdown of that relationship. They are no longer a team. As their relationship has changed so has the humour that made it difficult at times to believe Supernatural wasn’t comedy.

It is blacker these days.

Watching Dean enjoying being with Sam for the first time in a long time – not yet realising that it wasn’t Sam – black but funny.

We might still have almost half the season to go here in New Zealand, but I am already counting down to the finale, and dreading the wait for season 6 to be aired here.


2 thoughts on “Who’s body would you pick if you could swap?”

There are two things I know for certain. One: Bert and Ernie are gay. Two: I want to hear your opinion.

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