New foster baby

This wee girl was feral – and on her own for the past few weeks after mum and her brother and sister had been caught. She is now living with us to get used to people and other animals. It is amazing the change in her in just a couple of days. She plays and cuddles and generally makes herself right at home. Jack is unimpressed with the new addition, and is very vocal to me about it !!


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We will miss her when she’s ready for a new home !!!


  1. Touching post, Jo.
    But tell me, what do you mean by “…after mum and her brother and sister had been caught”
    And how do you put moving pictures into a post like that? Sorry, neophyte here…LOL


  2. Mum was a feral cat – she had her kittens under someones house and the nieghbours caught Mum and the brother and sister and handed them over to the SPCA. Sadly Mum was so feral they euthanised her, but the two kittens were taken in by my daughter’s best friend who is a vet’s nurse. She had too many when they finally after 3 weeks caught this one, so I got the phone call. the 2 kittens have gone to a great home – now I guess it is up to me to get this one settled.


  3. What beautiful creatures thee be, saved and saver both. A soul in need finds friend indeed, within your warmth and walls. Your gentle heart doth answer swift, this creatures gentle calls. Eyes be bright, though wary still, she stalks your proffered halls.

    Nicely done my dear friend, you are a wonderful person. I’m sure this kitten is as grateful as I am. 🙂


    1. Ohhhhh. Thank you 🙂

      I think I am the lucky one – to have the chance to know her. She is so sweet.

      Thank you for your lovely words though 😉


  4. Hi Jo
    I stumbled onto your blog b/c I was searching who/what the Versatile blogger award was (I just got it!) and your blog came up and I’m so glad I found it. I have a NZ passport – born in California – my dad was a Kiwi. Lots of relatives over there in NZ. I love it there. And I want to move to Oz! Anyway – love your cat stories and photos. So coincidental you are living in NZ. (-:
    Bye for now


    1. Thank you birgitta. Marley was a joy to have and luckily she has found a loving home permanently. No – the picture on the front page I got from another blogger who was happy to let me pilfer it from him. I am not sure where he got it from.


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