It’s official – the boys are nuts !!

I know I have said it before , but – I LOVE THE WRITERS OF THIS SHOW !!!

They have put the boys in a nut house.

Photo source : The CW Network
Sam in therapy

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for this episode. Up until now Yellow Fever from Season 4 was my favourite episode. Now it is a close tie with Sam Interrupted.

It’s genius.

How do they get the boys into a nut house? They sit them down with a psychiatrist and have them tell the truth.

All the poor man needs to hear is that Sam thinks he was addicted to drinking demon blood and is depressed because he believes he is the reason that the Apocalypse has started to start issuing commitment papers.

But when Dean tells him that it really was as much his fault as well, after all he started the ball rolling while he was in hell for a few months, it was priceless.

Add to that they have a buddy who is an angel. Not just any angel, but an angel in a trench coat.

Photo source : The CW Network
An angel in a trench coat

But then, this is a weird show. I mean how many nut houses do you know of that have their very own Wraith running around, sending people loopy so it can suck out their brains.

Once inside, the boys really do lose the plot. Crazy Dean is so much fun – almost as much fun as scared Dean (Yellow Fever). And Sam high as a kite – he is so cute, like little Sam that pops in every now and again. I seriously love that little guy.

There was a heart tugging moment in all this silliness. Sam telling Dean he loved him because “you’re my brother” brought the emotions close to the surface.

It was impossible to sleep after. Every time I closed my eyes I saw Dean yelling ‘pudding’ with his pants down, and Sam booping his brother on the nose.

If you have no idea why that is funny, well – you should be watching the show.

It is as crazy as this episode !!!!!


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