Katikati 2010


change, transformation

growing, blossoming, birthing

new, green, yellow, brown

slowing, browning, aging,

cycle, season



9 thoughts on “Spell”

    1. I also like that the diamond shape is soft, roundish. Subtle,the shape is appropriate and adds something special or magic to your poem.
      Had you noticed the shape once you’d finished drafting?

      For some reason the words “cycle, season” keep calling me back to them.
      I tried reversing to “season, cycle” .

      With the imagery of transformation coming just before, this arrangement speaks more to me. What sayeth Jo?


    1. Hey, John stir on, stir on…you put into description that “magic” I was capturing.
      BTW, the shape I mentioned was actually referring to “diamente” poetry formatting which is more on the pointy side and not to what I was seeing which is more in harmony with what you saw…what else!? LOL.


  1. Nothing wrong with your eyesight – thanks for pointing that out – it is great when people see and read things that you do not at the time. Even better when they point them out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂


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