The Book

Chapter 6

It took a while, but the dreaded chapter 6 is actually written. I am stunned that it ever got finished.


Because it had its own agenda. It kept going off in directions that were NOT planned.

Chapter 7 has now been bumped up the list to chapter 8, because chapter 6 has demanded another chapter to follow on to round things up.

One new character emerged in chapter 6 that I never saw coming. But HE makes sense and gives the main character a new dimension. I will need to be careful though – I don’t want to spin off in too many different directions and confuse the reader.

But I like where chapter 6 has taken me. I have sent it off via e-mail to all my darling critiques. I will now sit here waiting – hoping they get it (the storyline I mean – not the e-mail), and they like it.

The trouble is I have so many ideas rattling around that I have to be careful they don’t confuse things. I have already decided that there needs to be another book. A prequel to this one, but I have also fallen in love with the main character’s mother – even though she doesn’t have much to do in this book – and I want to tell her story.

In getting to know the main character I have gotten to know and respect his mother.

I remember reading an interview with Stephenie Meyer about the book Eclipse. In it she had a character that she ended up writing a novella about – Bree. She said how she wished that she had not killed her off in Eclipse because she would have liked to have a different ending for the novella.

I feel that way about D’s mother. So at present that brings the tally of books to be written to 3.

Hmm…time to stop writing about writing the damn book, and actually get back to writing it.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 6”

  1. “The trouble is I have so many ideas rattling around that I have to be careful they don’t confuse things.”
    Doesn’t it just get so crowded sometimes?
    I mean, even in my dreams, I’ve got plays and muses elbowing each other…LOL.

    Good luck writing that new chapter.


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