Say Goodbye Jo.

Ellen, Dean, Sam & Jo

Last Friday night, as with most Friday nights lately, I shut out the rest of the world and with the dog curled up under my knees watched my favourite TV show. These days I don’t watch TV as much as when the children were still at home. This is a good thing – I do not miss Home and Away or Shortland Street.

I have always been a fan of the supernatural or fantasy. Possibly because of my twisted imagination. Which is why I started watching it. I’ll give almost anything a shot once. Five years later and I twitch and have legs spasms from withdrawal when it is not on.

I keep hinting to the kids about the DVD’s – I think they are purposely ignoring me.

Watching it this week I tried to figure out what it is that has me so addicted to it. I mean seriously – if I go out on a Friday night when it is on – I try to get home in time.

Humour has a great deal  to do with my continued attraction – I wish I had some of what the writers for this show are drinking when they think some of it up.

Last night wasn’t a funny episode – although there were some moments where I found myself chuckling. A good thing as when the credits were rolling I was searching for the tissues.

This episode also had the prerequisite action, lots of fighting, hell hounds and demons everywhere, even a posse of grim reapers hanging about. Although you can’t actually see the hell hounds, they’ve done a good job in making them scary critters.

They killed off two of my favourite recurring characters. For 5 seasons I had kept alive the hope that we’d see some romantic involvement with Jo and one of the brothers – but in never letting that happen, the possibility of it kept me hooked. Clever writing.

What was interesting was my reaction to the scene of her and her mother dying. I related to it not only story-wise, but emotionally.

It was so simple – I could relate – I would do the same thing. I would sit beside my daughter and blow myself up if it were me. It is one of the saddest episodes ever, but on the plus side we FINALLY get to see Jo get THE KISS before she dies.

Perhaps that is why I love it so much. As weird as some of the storylines get, as out there as the whole premise of it is – in EVERY episode there is a moment where I can relate on some level to what is happening on the screen.

I think that is the gift the writers of this show have. They weave a thread between the plot and you the viewer.

That’s my excuse anyway…only 4 more nights to go for episode 11.

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  1. I think that is the gift the writers of this show have. They weave a thread between the plot and you the viewer.
    I agree. Nice writing Jo.


      1. Actually I believe that it is more writers such as yourself and a couple of other wonderful people I have met recently through this blog that have inspired me. I feel a great lightness again – and there is joy and passion again when I approach the blank white page rather than dread – so thank you, deeply 🙂 🙂


  2. I think both yourself and the blank page should approach the encounter with joy. You for the joy and wonder you’re about to share with your many readers, and the paper for being the vehicle which allows others to be transported by your words.


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