Definition of Diamante Poetry

Diamante poetry written in seven lines to form a diamond shape, with precise rules for the types of words that go on each line.

Follow the steps below to create your own diamante poem.

  • Start the first line with a single word that is a noun or subject. For example, line one is “cat.”
  • Pick an antonym/synonym for your noun in line 1 of your poem. That word becomes the last line of your poem. In this case, the last line is “feline.” You will need to settle on the last line of your diamante poem going further.
  • Use two adjectives for line 2 of your diamante poem, that describe the noun in line one. Our example is “sleek, soft.”
  • Select three words ending with “-ing” for line 3 of the diamante poem. These words illustrate the noun from line 1. Line 3 of the example poem is “purring – climbing – playing.”
  • Write line 4 of your diamante poem using four words. The first two words describe the noun in line 1 of your poem and the last two words describe the synonym used in the last line of your poem. For our example, line 4 reads “curious – endearing – sharp – agile
  • Produce three words ending in “-ing” for line 5 of your diamante poem that illustrate the synonym you used in line 7. Line 5 of the sample poem is “stalking – hunting – killing.”
  • To create line 6 of your poem, use 2 adjectives to illustrate the synonym from line 7 . For our example, line 6  reads “noble – superior.”


sleek soft

purring climbing playing

curious endearing sharp agile

stalking hunting killing

noble superior


(C) Jo Bryant March 2011


Line 4 – the first 2 words refer to the cat, the second two words refer to the feline.


Good luck with creating your own diamante poem. I hope you have as much fun as I did.





  1. Hey, did you create this style or just its step by steps?
    Technical author or tech writer speak here: “Replicate step three to create line 6 “.
    Jo, as your steps aren’t numbered. Therefore either number them, which I do NOT think you should do for clarity purposes.
    Or, edit that line in another manner.
    Overall nice job my friend. Are you teaching me about writing poetry or what? And it’s definitely NOT “or what”…LOL. THANKS 😀


      1. No – I did not create this type of poetry – I wish I was THAT creative. Just found a few examples of its definition and tried to make sense of them.


      2. Second comment below belongs up here. Don’t know how it got patched in below %}
        BTW, tried to see the poll results. Odd, it’s written that I’ve already voted but the percentage indicators all read zero???


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