Little Lefty Luther

Little Lefty Luther

grew up a lonesome loser.

At school he was a freak

always turned the other cheek.

His father Lex would wail,

while mother Lou would pale.

The teacher roll his eyes

and mutter to the skies,

once or twice – he’d blown his lid,

“Why am I landed with this kid?”

In the playground kids were cruel

for it was under bullies rule;

until a frosty fourth of July

as Lefty sat and wondered why,

from the moment of his birth

he had felt of little worth.

Born left in the town of Right

his life had been one long fight.

‘Til one day glaring at his hands,

he barely heard the noisy band,

the leader, a boy named Tim

they headed straight for him

Tim announced to all nearby,

“This child is different from you and I.”

Lefty stood up straight and tall,

the band fell quiet one and all.

They listened as Tim began to speak,

“It’s time you stopped being the freak.

You’re different, that you know.

As different as fire and snow,

Batman was different, he did good.

Enjoy being different, if you would.”


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