A Gentle Seduction

For my writers group exercise we had to write a seduction scene in the style of Mills and Boon. I had fun doing it. It’s harder than you think to keep to the genre. Part two of the exercise was to write the same scene as we would normally write it. Look for ‘A Tender Trap’. Okay the title still sounds Mills and Boonie, but hey – I was still in the headspace.

Julia’s smoothed down her cotton skirt. The bright blue blouse she wore with it set of the aqua flecks in her eyes and gave her flawless peaches and cream complexion a rosy glow. Her thoughts were on another room in her tidy cottage, where Tony sat sprawled on her leather sofa. She imagined her fingers wrapped in the sleek black curls of his shoulder length hair.

“Stop it,” she whispered to herself. “Get control.” She wished he would leave, as she found it increasingly difficult to rein in her emotions whenever she found herself around the man.  Julia had planned out her life and since meeting Tony nothing was going the way she wanted. From a small girl she had imagined herself falling in love, followed by marriage after a suitable time. Lately though, she had begun to believe that romance wasn’t for her. So Julia had thrown herself into her career and was finally beginning to make a name for herself in the antiques world.

Then one day Mary had walked into her shop. The girls had hit it off immediately and Julia had looked forward to meeting Mary’s boyfriend. She was remembering that day when Tony came up behind her. His arms encircled her petite waist and without thinking she instinctively leant into his body.

“Thinking of me?” he whispered. Julia’s body arched away from him, and she spun around.

“Tony, you…” she pushed him away from her.

“Jules, you know you feel something. You can’t keep pushing me away.” Tony leant forward and nuzzled her neck.

“I can and I will,” she replied. Why did he have this effect on her? “You aren’t free to do this.” Julia had to catch herself from stomping her foot. Every fibre in her body was reaching out to him. Traitorous body she thought.

“Mary and I are…” he paused, shaking his head. “Jules, you’ll just have to believe me on this. Mary and I aren’t what we seem. It is not for me to tell you though. Julia’s gaze moved to his mouth as he spoke. She stared at the full lower lip, and then followed the hard line of his jaw. Would his face soften in passion she wondered?

His hands reached up to hold her face still between his large palms. He leant forward and kissed her thoroughly, skilfully. Exerting more pressure he deftly parted her lips. Tracing the outer edges of her mouth with his tongue Julia became disorientated. Blowing gently on her eyelids she found her body burrowing closer to his. Her breathing became erratic as her chest laboured to suck in enough air.

“I’m not sure I believe you,’ she uttered.

“I’m not sure I care at this point,” he said as he reached down and scooped her up into his arms.  He rapidly covered the distance to her room and never taking his eyes from hers lowered Julia gently onto the crisp white linen of her bed. She felt completely wanton.

“You want me,’ he whispered against her ears. “Just as I want you. I want to touch you the way a man touches a woman, undress you slowly and rake my mouth from your face to your toes.” Julia shuddered at the thought of him doing just that. Her body betrayed her true feelings.

“Please Tony,” his mouth covered hers before she could finish. She wanted to yell at him to stop. This was wrong; she shouldn’t lust after someone else’s man. Julia was horrified at the way her body was responding to him, she had never realised what passion could feel like.

His hands slid caressingly down the length of her body, and the sensation of Tony’s body against hers set in motion a perilous physical change within her and an even more dangerous reaction outwardly to him. Julia had felt physical attraction before, she understood how delusionary it could be, but this emotion she felt now, had taken hold of her and become too powerful. She felt completely overwhelmed as Tony provocatively lay his body against hers.

Deep within the core of her Julia felt a primal desire building as it thrust her into new world of sensation. Around them an atmosphere of sexual tension was building ‘til she could almost reach out and touch it. The force of her desire began to erupt inside her, building to a crescendo that made her ache with pure physical pain.

Opening her eyes she could see Tony’s reaction in the way his pupils dilated, and feel it in the tremors that passed through his body. Her need had set off a response within him and she could feel his longing. Dragging her mouth from his she whispered his name and saw desire flash across his eyes.

He pulled back and tore the shirt from his body. Shocked at first by his drawing back, Julia instinctively ran her hands over his rock hard chest. Urged on by her traitorous body she began tearing the clothes from her body. As Tony watched her he quickly disposed of the rest of his clothing.

“This shouldn’t be happening,” she uttered. “No,” she protested, but she knew her denial was more about her reaction to him than to what was happening. Seeing him ready for her turned her insides to molten lava, burning its way from deep inside her.

“Yes,” she cried out as he cleaved himself to her. Together they rode their passion, matching each other in a rhythm as old as time. It was torture, and torment, as a white heat overtook Julia. She wanted to cry out with the sensation as an exquisite ecstasy drove her over the edge. As she opened her mouth a wave of pleasure broke over her and she was tossed, churning through the white tipped waves, dragged under the speckled rapids of her consuming desire. She heard Tony cry out, and then suddenly it was over.

When Julia opened her eyes the room was in darkness. She had fallen asleep so deeply it took a few seconds to register where she was. A powerful naked leg was thrown across her, anchoring her to the bed. She must have moved as she felt Tony’s breath quicken against the back of her neck. Lazily he stroked a hand down her arm and back up again. Her body quivered with sensation, and small pinpoints of pleasure emanated from the place place under her ears that he was caressing with his mouth.

“Turn around,” he said softly. “I want to kiss you properly.” This time the build up was slower and their caresses more intimate as they explored each other. The outcome was the same however, as a burning passion engulfed them both. They clung to each other as the flood of their need ripped through them.


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