fly high and

float backwards, squawking

their annoyance, accompanied

by the cacophony of crashing alabaster

tipped cobalt and sea green waves,

salt encrusted, sand





Submitted to dVerse – Poets Pub OpenLinkNight

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23 thoughts on “Fibonnacci”

      1. Hey, fresh look at the shape of your poem: I see a bird in flight, albeit a bit obese at he moment. Wonder if you might play with stretching out the central body so that it resembles a more-flattened diamond? Just an idea ;-D


  1. Superb my friend, really enjoyed this on oh so many levels. Great images to match the words, really (REALLY) enjoyed the poem and it’s layout, and I’ve been a fan of Fibonacci, his Golden series, spirals, and all the wonders in nature that represent in life, the math he presented. That’s a lot of great in one post. πŸ™‚


  2. Ohh…that means a lot coming from a master wordsmith such as yourself. I was rather proud of the birds image – took it myself. I like playing with poetry forms – and Fibonnacci is so much fun, as well as challenging. Thanks for the kind words !!!


  3. If you took the image of birds in addition to crafting the words, then I have to crank up my admiration knob to 10, nicely done! Right photo, right moment, right words, a very rare combo.


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