There’s a wedding in my future…

There is a wedding in my future. No, not mine. It does pose some problems. What to wear?

This is not your normal female ‘I have nothing to wear’ situation.

A few months ago I went to the doctors and he talked me into having a cholesterol test. The results were not good.

It meant a decision had to be made, and this was my catalyst. No – no diets. A complete change was what was needed.

I read everything I could find: books, the internet, brochures, any and everything that had something to say on cholesterol. Believe me there is a lot out there.

A lot of crazy stuff. One woman had me holding on to bottles to see what would be most effective.


In one hand I held the bottle, while she pushed my other hand to see how much strength there was in it.

The stronger I was the more effective the stuff in the bottle was going to be. Please – I had to try it – it was a fascinating experience.

I imagine there are those out there who believe in this stuff, I am not one of them. But it was fun at the time.

In the end I settled for getting my eating habits in order. What really surprised me was how much crap I actually ate. I had always believed that I ate reasonably well. I didn’t.

It was often too much work to take the time to eat well, especially with the children gone. Why not just have a piece of toast with jam for breakfast. A sandwich with peanut butter for lunch. Another sandwich for dinner, or maybe a packet meal.

If you are going to do something – my idea is to do it properly. Never been a half measures type of girl – ever. These days I cook from scratch, it is surprising how much crap there is if you start reading the labels in most foods.

This process has reawakened my joy in cooking. Now that I no longer have to cook, nor do I have teenagers hovering behind me, either waiting to suck the food from my hands or mutter ‘that looks disgusting’, cooking has again become a means of relaxation. Active relaxation.

Almost a vegetarian these days, I don’t like killing animals, can’t squish a bug without six months of guilt-tripping, so this fact is not surprising. Veges have become the staple of my diet, BUT throw a really good piece of steak or a prawn around – yeah well, then my high ideals are not SO high anymore.

Now that I have possibly the best cookbook in the world staring up at me from the kitchen bench, eating the food is a journey into decadence most days. For Christmas I was given a healthy cookbook. Not just any cookbook, one that makes healthy eating a lot of fun, cooking it as well as eating.

The daughter has knack for picking out presents – a gift really. Always gets it right. I have not found one recipe in the book that does not make me extremely happy she buys my Christmas presents.

So back to the clothing dilemma.

In the process of getting healthy I have lost the equivalent to three ten kilo bags of potatoes. That’s a lot of potatoes.

Getting around is a lot easier these days, except for the fact that none of my clothing fits anymore, so I have to be careful I don’t trip over it as it falls around my ankles.

Truthfully I would have had trouble with what to wear anyway. Being heavy equated to only wearing clothing that hung like curtains around my frame. Shopping was often an emotional experience.

Facing the truth in those large fitting room mirrors often reduced me to tears. I usually left wishing I had never entered in the first place.

For the first time in ten years I found myself smiling the other day as I tried clothing on. Not only was I trying on a dress, it was a fitting dress, and it was a pretty dress. No-one had seen my legs for years.

Nor did I often wear anything that came remotely close to emphasising my figure or highlighting it with any colour other than dark ones.

This new jauntiness has pushed itself into other areas of my life.

Last Friday I gave my hairdresser a thrill. She was bouncing about after I gave the go ahead to give me a new style.

“Really,” she asked a couple of times.

“Drastic,” my daughter said when she saw it, “but good.”

That’s pretty good coming from her.

Now every time I pass a mirror I am bungeed back – just to check out the new girl reflected back at me.

These days the reflection comes closer to matching the person inside. The girl who went to Africa on her own, bungee jumped even though she is TERRIFIED of heights, whacked her ex in the nuts when she found out he was cheating, and sleeps with a dog and two cats.


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