I’m in love – with a car !

Working its way up my bucket list is the desire to become the owner of a ’67 Chevy Impala.

Perhaps you might believe that I am taking the whole thing of being addicted to a TV show a bit far – and as much as I love the boys, their surrogate father and their guardian angel (who BTW is the best damn angel in TV history), the car has become something of a star as well.

It’s sleek and shiny – which considering some of the places they drive it – it’s just plain saucy. Yes I know – they have a bunch of them for the show, and lots of people to run around cleaning them, but let’s not ruin the fantasy here.

The noise it makes is sexy. It doesn’t purr thank God, this car snarls as the bitumen passes underneath. It has real doors. The kind that means you can’t sneak up on someone, they crackle when opened and closed.

It has the type of steering wheel that feels cool under your fingers without that vinyl crap all over it, and it’s big. I miss big steering wheels; I learnt on one and love them.

This is the sort of car you could pack your entire life into if needed, which the boys seem to do a lot of. I love the seats, not those bucket things you get today; this car has long wide seats. Big enough to stretch out on – big enough for a lot of things really.

There are not a lot of cars out there with enough personality to become a character in themselves on a TV show. KIT in Knight Rider was one but hey, he was able to talk. That gives him an advantage. The Chevy has done it without uttering one word.

Well technically last week the car talked, but I don’t think that counts – it was one of the boys. I’m still chuckling over that episode.

All this computer stuff they put in cars today ruins them. Let’s face it; if you end up in a river you’re screwed. Your door has probably automatically locked itself while you are driving, and the windows need electronics to open.

Not so in the Chevy, and it’s big enough to allow you room to manoeuvre to get out.

While all the above reasons are quite reasonably putting this car in its own class, that’s still not my main reason for the love affair.

It makes a statement, even sitting in a car park. It stands out.

Not because it is flashy, or expensive, or has every gadget ever invented installed.

While it would have looked good in 1967, it looks better now. It stands up against all the newer models with its classic features and well maintained body and looks classier than they could ever aspire to.

When you watch it cruise up the road, it makes you feel good. In this case – the older it gets the more interesting it becomes.

Maybe I can relate !!

10.25 p.m. – time for me to get settled in front of the TV and watch my dream car journey the highway. The fact that the boys are a bit of pleasing eye candy has nothing to do with me spending Friday nights at home.

While I’m off watching ‘Baby’ cruise the highways – here’s a little something to make you laugh from season 4. A practical joke that is funny.

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7 thoughts on “I’m in love – with a car !”

  1. Hey Jo, not worry (know you weren’t, just a figure of speech here…lol),
    I know, enjoy and followed Supernaturel when it was on TV here.

    I enjoyed reading this post. I was in love with my 1967 Fiat 126 Spider ( black leather convertible top, white body, red leather interior, Italian wood paneling and steering wheel). When I bought her, I say her here because she came with a name: Brigitte.

    So I can identify with all you’ve written. Including “The fact that the boys are a bit of pleasing eye candy has nothing to do with me spending Friday nights at home.”


    1. I am sooooo addicted to the show – my kids think I am weird, as do a few friends. The boys are my screensaver (slideshow of photos) and on my desktop. The Chevy is on my browser window. Part of it though is the writing – the ideas and the dialogue and everything, it just intrigues me where the writers’ head are when they come up with this stuff…


  2. 67? Good year that. Had a ’67 Impala SS, ’67 Belair, 67 Corvette and 67 Chevelle SS 396, plus about 50+ others cars, none of which were 67’s. 🙂 Gorgeous car though, and wonderful writeup. Don’t watch TV so can’t speak on the show, but glad you’re enjoying it!


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