Tahiti is one of the most amazing places – especially if you look beyond the surface. I was lucky enough to have a fantastic travel companion. This is a necessity – a bad one can turn a magical place into the journey from hell. We sought out places away from the tourist spots. Following the locals to their favourite eateries and supermarkets led us into wonderful places.

Hiring a car was another experience. Into the bowels of a dank dusty garage we went to sign insurance papers. The windows and doors did not shut properly, yet I fell in love with our little wagon. Perhaps because of where it took us. We lunched at a local surfers beach, explored housing suburbs, watched a local group practising their dance, and spent a night at the local food court.

We caught local buses, and the wonderful hospitality that the Tahitian people freely give away made it a special place.

Magic and puff-n-stuff. It was all there.

Tahiti – I am coming back !!

Click on the link below and follow our footsteps.

Tahiti slideshow.


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