The Lay Back Lady

In 1908,

at three minutes past eight

a quarrel broke out.

His sweetheart did shout

you’re a right little shit;

now it’s time that you git.

What did you suppose

said her beau as he rose?

If I leave you today

there’s but one thing to say.

You’ll get no more money,

time to toil with your cunny.

You made the blunder,

so you’ll have to lay under

an assortment of chaps.

Watch out for the clap.

In 1909,

she’d a hell of a time,

lost count of the blokes

who had paid for a poke;

there wasn’t a Dick:

fat, skinny, little, or thick,

she couldn’t handle most days

in a variety of ways.

In 1910,

fed up with the men,

she’d fallen in love

it was time for a shove;

so she packed up her stores

said goodbye to the whores

caught a lift from a trucker

now she’s Mrs John le Fukker.


A man’s name, “John le Fucker”, is reported (first in Carl Buck’s 1949 Indo-European dictionary) from an administrative record of 26 April 1278. An abstract of its contents is given in Calendar of the Close rolls preserved in the Public record office, Edward I,  AD 1272-1279, London 1900, p. 451: “John le Fucker of Tythinge, imprisoned at Peterborough for the death of Walter de Leyghton and William de Leyghton, wherewith he is charged, has letters to the sheriff of Northampton to bail him.(Sourced  from Wikapedia)


This poem is one amongst many over at Poetry Pantry #59 – for more great poems check it out.


14 thoughts on “The Lay Back Lady”

  1. I loved every word and they flow. It was fun and serious at the same time. It could be and old Irish Bar song. Thansk for sharing.


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