Chapter 7 begins.

Due to due technical difficulties – my brain is stuck in one scene – I have for the time being moved on to chapter 7, leaving chapter 6 behind until I find a solution.

Right now I am the middle of a fight scene. I spent the morning outside with a knife and a stone listening to how it sounds when you strike it in different ways. So I know how it sounds but actually getting the sound on paper is an interesting exercise.

The lead character is getting into my head more with each chapter. Already quite involved with him, I did not think that was possible. But now I can feel his emotions when things happen in a scene. The more I write the more he feels like a second skin I pull on when I start writing again.

Where before I had to think about how he would react to a situation, now I can’t keep up with the words. They’re my words and my actions as much as they are his.

It makes it harder to get into the heads of the other characters in the book; it does keep me focussed on where he is going next.

He has his faults, but it would be easy to develop feelings for him. If he was real, I think I would really like to know him. It’s a pity things don’t go easier for him, but while I would like to make his life less of a trial, that’s not really going to work.

It would make for a boring story. I am having perhaps a little too much fun finding obstacles to throw in his way. Though he is adept at finding a way around most things. But I am not finished with him yet, I can be rather adept when it comes to causing trouble.