Brothers and sisters…

What I'd like to do to them at times...

My children fight. They have since before I left the hospital with my son. My daughter was not impressed, when our previously devoted-to-her neighbour, made cute faces and funny noises at the squalling thing in the plexi-glass bed.

He had to be rescued from sailing out into the hospital corridor after she gave his crib a good shove.

But oh so cute...

He in return has not been entirely blame free from causing a ruckus or two over the years. He knows exactly which word to utter or not , to cause her voice to rise into the ‘stir up the neighbourhood dogs’ range. The most recent altercation occurred during their last Christmas visit.

Daft me – after years of fighting over who did what to the Christmas tree – I imagined I had solved that problem by having the tree all set up before either arrived home.

Not able to let the holiday season pass without a disagreement, they almost came to blows in the kitchen over presents. My snickering away silently became alarm, and developed into threatening to cancel Christmas.

Deeply upset with myself due to having promised that those words would not be uttered this year, off into the bedroom I went, slamming doors and making it generally known that I was displeased with the direction things were going.

So grown up of me. Whatever works I say. Peace was restored, for a while at least.

They don’t watch their words when they fight with each other, or me at times. Usually whatever they think they say.

Be warned though – they also come out fighting if you do or say anything to hurt the other. They are extremely protective of each other from everyone else. This has included me at times, and I bear the scars to prove it.

My son has had to be sat on to hold him back from punching someone who upset his sister. He can also be extremely thoughtful with her. When they were younger we went shopping and she spotted a porcelain doll. It was instant love, but her pocket was a little empty.

With just enough cash in his wallet to cover it, he quietly bought her the doll and handed it over.

Last week when the earthquake hit Christchurch he was sailing around the South Island. The daughter would not be satisfied until she was sure he well away from the area and still in one piece.

I'm not allowed to use the word cute anymore, but ohhh...

For the moment they are at peace.

Now – how many days is it until Christmas is here again?


  1. Oh, that was wonderfully put. What a pleasure to read, and it really opened a window into the lives of your children and how they think. Humorous, touching and heartfelt, you touched all the bases and did a wonderful job in the process. That was fun, bravo!


  2. Aw… I could totally identify. I have a twin brother and my mom jokes that we were fighting in utero. She has a story that we even competed about who would be born first—he was ready to go and then I got in the way and she had to have a C-section (and the doc pulled him out first). We fought like cats and dogs growing up but sometime after we turned 18, things changed. Now we get along great. I think growing up helped a lot… when we were younger, we competed too much (especially since we were both “first born) and as we developed differing interests and our own responsibilities, that competition wasn’t necessary any more.


    1. Sounds very familiar – mine are competitive. But as you say age helps. They are very close and protective of each other – though they don’t always like to admit to it. 🙂


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